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  • 21.Studies on the pink berry disorder during ripening of the non –pigmented Thompson Seedless (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes in Maharashtra.
    The various PGR's tested have remarkably influenced the pink berry formation in Thompson seedless grapes. The PGRs i.e. 4 CPA, NAA and CPPU regulated the anthocyanin formation while CEPA and ABA induced the Pink berry formation in Thompson Seedless grapes during maturation. Among the nutrient solution tried dipping the clusters in Phosphorous solution resulted in restricting the Pink berry formation dipping the clusters in nitrogen solution have recorded the highest Pink berry formation at maturity.
    To confirm the results obtained in the field, cell suspension studies were also performed. Effect on DFR activity in cell suspension cultures under controlled environment and varying concentrations of different chemicals like calcium chloride, potassium, sucrose, manitol and naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) was studied. Increasing concentrations of calcium chloride, potassium, sucrose and sucrose plus mannitol were found to decrease the DFR activity, NAA also found to decrease the DFR activity at concentration of 1mg and 3mg but when NAA was increased up to 5mg concentration DFR activity was found to increase than the control.
    The DFR, UFGT activity profile and anthocyanine content profile. Protein content, anthocyanin content and total DFR activity increases as berries mature. DFR activity is maximum in most of the samples treated with different chemicals at veraison stage while it decreases just before harvest. UFGT activity using quercetin substrate was found to decrease as berries mature.
  • 22. Effect of nutrient imbalance on BSN in Thompson Seedless.
    A survey was conducted by research team on Maharashtra Rajya Draksha Bagaitdar Sangh, Pune. Affected samples were collected from different regions of Maharashtra and analyzed in laboratory. Rachis & pedicels were separated from samples, dried in oven at 600C for 8 hrs, and powdered for further analysis. Nitrogen content (3.97%) in affected rachis samples was much higher than unaffected samples (2.21%) also NH4-N of affected samples was higher than that of unaffected ones. Average potassium content (2.60%) was slightly higher than unaffected samples (2.05%). No significant difference was observed in the nutrients like P, Ca, K & Mg but K/ Ca + Mg ratio was higher in affected samples. High concentration of total nitrogen & NH4-N in pedicel & rachis cause BSN incidence in Thompson Seedless grapes.
  • 23. Effectiveness of hydrogen cynamide (Sangh bud break 50% S.L.) in bud sprouting of Thompson Seedless grapes under western Maharashtra conditions.
    A multilocational trial of various concentrations of H2CN2 (SBB 50% SL) was conducted using Thompson Seedless on own rooted grape vineyards at Sangli, Solapur & Pune. Highest bud break (81.0%), lowest period for bud sprouting from initiation (3.20 days), the highest length of berry (19.71 mm), TSS (19.830 Brix) & yield (13.77 kg/vine ) i. e. 30.56 MT/ha was recorded by application of H2CN2 (Sangh Bud Break) at 3% followed by treatment with SBB at 2.5%
  • 24. Exaluation of some insecticides against Pink Mealy Bugs & Thrips in grape ecosystem in Maharashtra.
    The experiment was carried out on Tas-A-Ganesh variety at MRDBS Manjri Farm, Pune. Two foliar applications of imidacloprid 17.8 SL (0.30 ml/L) & thianmethoxam 25 WG (0.25 g/L) reduced pink mealy bug and thrips population on grapevine & bunch with significant increase in fruit yield & no adverse effects on naturally occurring predatory stages viz, grubs & beetles.
  • 25.Relative performance of Thompson Seedless grape grated on different root stocks.
    The trial was conducted at the Research farm of MRDBS, Pune on Thompson Seedless. Among the available root stocks the vines grafted on Bangalore Dogridge was found to be superior over salt creek and American Dogridge in terms of leaf area, berry diameter no of clusters per vine, Average weight of bunch & yield.