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Outstanding Research

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Outstanding Research
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Many scientific activities done at MRDBS have benefited the growers in using chemical and organic fertilizers / manures judiciously.

  • 1 Setting up soil fertility norms for grapes in Maharashtra for Thompson Seedless, its various mutants and Sharad Seedless.
    Based on the nutrient requirement of the grapevine the soil fertility norms for grapes are formulated. This has surprisingly proved effective in the production of quality grapes for export purpose
  • 2. Petiole nutrient norms for Thompson Seedless grape
    The petiole nutrient norms are developed separately at bud differentiation stage and bloom time.
  • 3. Integrated nutrient management for potential yield & quality of grapes
    Frequent changes in the nutrient recommendation were made by considering the analytical report. Taking into consider the specific developmental stages of grapevine, specific guidelines have been developed for giving most accurate advice.
  • 4. Fruitfulness of buds.
    15 days prior to fruit pruning the canes were dissected and after observing the fruitfulness level of pruning is advised to the grape growers.
  • 5.Raisin Making
    Large number of trials were conducted viz, Hot water dip method, fumigation of tested grapes, oven drying, shed drying, different dipping oil formulation for dipping of fresh grapes, preparation of sheds for drying, size grading, packing, storage, transportation & marketing and a suitable method amongst these was suggested to the growers. This resulted in reduced import of raisins initially and over a period of years raisin import was completely stopped.
  • 6.Introduction of Rootstock
    The use of rootstock was increased dramatically in the year 1997-98 & around 60% of total area was under the use of rootstock. Viticulture in Maharashtra was revolutionized by the use of rootstock as it helped in overcoming the problems like resistance to soil borne fungi & pests, salt and drought tolerance and imbalanced nutrition.
  • 7.Varietal Trials
    Considering the needs of the domestic market as well as export, it was felt that introduction of some new varieties was essential, as only Thompson seedless variety was only grown.
    Following varieties were introduce
    A) White varieties B) Black variety
    • 1. Tas-A-Ganesh
    • 2. H-5
    • 3. 2A Clone
    • 4. Italion Seedless
    • 5. Victoria
    • 1. Crimson