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Research Articles published in National or International Journals

  • R. A. Bhirangi, J. M. Khilari and U. J. Mehta (2016).
    Effect of phosphate concentration on the production of anthocyanins in the cell suspension cultures of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) . J. Green Farming 7(1): 161-164.

  • T. S. Shelke, S. S. Tapkir and T. S. Mungare (2016).
    Effect of Pre flowering defoliation on yield and quality of Thompson seedless grapes (Vitis Vinifera L). J. Green Farming 7 (4).

  • J. M. Khilari, J. N. Kalbhor, T. S. Mungare and P. B. Taware (2015).
    Regulation of pink berries in Thompson Seedless (Vitis Vinifera L.) white coloured grape during ripening by the use of plant growth regulators. J. Green Farming 16 (1) : 95-99.

  • Khapare Kailas N. and N.K Khapare. (2015).
    Preparation of Soil Fertility Map of Niphad Taluka Farm, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Int. J. of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS), 2(3) : 28 – 30.

  • J. M. Khilari, T. S. Shelke, S. A. Ghorpade and T. S. Mungare (2014).
    Performance of Imported Grape Varieties under Western Maharashtra Conditions. J. of Agric. Rec. Technology, 39 (3) : 442 – 447.

  • T. S. Mungare, J. N. Kalbhor, P. B. Taware and J. M. Khilari (2013).
    Bunch stems necrosis in vitis vinifera L. response to nutritional imbalance. J. Green Farming, 4 (4): 464 – 467.

  • T. S. Mungare, J. N. Kalbhor and S. R. Zende (2013).
    Fruitfulness in grapevines as influenced by different climatic conditions. J. Green Farming, 4 (5): 624 – 626.

  • S. D. Shikhamany, S. V. Borade, S. K. Jeughale and S. Y. Patil.
    An approach for assessing the efficiency of White Seedless grape Vineyards for Table Grape Production. J. of Horticulture Science.(SPH) ,11 (1) 27-32.

  • Zende, S. R., Mungare, T. S. and J. M. Khilari, 2011 (New Series)
    . Bio-efficacy of phosphorous solubilizing bacteria (PSB) and potash solubilizing bacteria (KSB) in soil. Green Farming, 2 (1) : 53-55.

  • Khilari, J. M., Mungare, T. S. and J. N. Kalbhor. 2011 (New Series)
    . Bunch stem necrosis in Thomson Seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) during maturation. Green Farming 2 (2) : 207-209.

  • Mungare, T. S., Khilari, J. M. and S. S. Ghule, 2011 (New Series).
    Tylose-A serious threat to Thompson Seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) in Maharashtra. Green Farming 2 (3) : 342-344.

  • Khilari, J. M. and T. S. Shelke, 2010.
    Evaluation of Different Fungicides Against Downy Mildew (Plasmopara viticola) of Grape in Maharashtra. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 35 (2) : 255-257.

  • Ghorpade, S. A. and J. M. Khilari, 2010,
    Evaluation of Insecticides Against Pink Mealy Bugs and Thrips in Grape Ecosystem in Maharashtra. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 35 (2) : 257-261.

  • Khilari, J. M., 2010,
    Effect of Different Growth Chemicals on Quality of Thompson Seedless Grapes. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 35 (3) : 377-380.

  • Ghorpade, S. A., T. S. Shelke and J. M. Khilari, 2010.
    Effectiveness of Hydrogen Cyanamide (Sangh Bud Break 50% S. L.) in Bud Sprouting of Thompson Seedless Grapes under Western Maharashtra Conditions. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities, 35 (2) : 233-237.

  • Deshmukh, S.U., Kalbhor, J. N., Mungare, T. S. and U. K. Bhoye, 2010 (New Series)
    . Soil sampling methodology in grape vineyards for evaluation of nutrient status. Green Farming, 1 (6) : 588-590.

  • Khilari, J. M., 2009.
    Effects of Gibberellic Acid alone and with Forchlorfenuron on Berry Characteristics of Thompson Seedless Grapes (Vitis vinifera). PESTOLOGY, 33 (6) : 37-39.

  • Khilari, J. M. and T. S. Mungare, 2009.
    Role of different chemicals in controlling the berry stem necrosis disorder of grapes in Maharashtra. Green Farming, 2 (11) 780 – 782.