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Prime Pillars

  • Hon. Mr. Sharadraoji Pawar

    Honorable Mr. Sharadraoji Pawar Saheb has given an innumerable contribution to the grape growers. He also happens to be the Father of fruit revolution in India. It is only because of him that Maharashtra ranks first amongst all the states in fruit production. Honorable Pawar Saheb has rendered timely and necessary help to association and grape production on personal front and on Governmental level also, few amongst them would be import of GA, tax on raisins & on grape guard paper. Frequent draught calamities caused heavy losses and the grape growers suffered a lot. Shri Pawar Saheb visited these affected areas and consoled the growers. He made the Government think about the drought affected growers and helped them to regain it. Loans were waived off as well as interest on them was also lowered.

    It was during his tenure as Chief Minister of Maharashtra that subsides was given on drip irrigation and other farming equipments. He also initiated food processing and wine industry. He also played a major role in introducing Indian grapes to International market, which thus enabled many young growers to earn their living. Mr. Pawar Saheb has attended all the seminars held by association and provided guidance to the grape growers. The entire credit in fruit revolution unanimously goes to him.

  • Late Dr. G.S. Cheema

    An IAS officer, a great Scientist, Dr Cheema, in 1924 developed two grape varieties; selection 7 and selection 94 by natural selection method. Selection 7 which was later named as Cheema Sahebi had a record yielding capacity. Under his guidance research work in pruning, training, fertilizer dosage etc. was carried out. He also laid the guidelines for today's research in viticulture. Dr. Cheema will remain immortal in the minds of the growers

  • Dr. K. L. Chaddha

    Dr. K.L. Chaddha worked as Horticulturist in Punjab Agriculture University. He has greatly contributed in the area of academics, research and extension in viticulture. He was a former Director of IIHR, Bangalore for many years. He has excelled in the area of viticulture, like training, pruning and grape nutrition. He was also a Secretary for Society of Arid zone farming in Netherlands. He has been felicitated with many awards like, Borlaug award, Om Prakash Bhashin award, Marigauda memorial award, apart from the prestigious Vasantrao Naik award. He has also published many research articles and books on viticulture.

  • Dr. S.D. Shikhamany

    After his Masters degree from Hyderabad Dr. Shikhamany attained Ph.D degree from Bangalore University in 1983. For 2 years he was in Davis University California to study the advances in viticulture. Since 30 years Dr. Shikhamani is in association with viticulture. His work in sustainable grape production in adverse condition is highly appreciated. He has 85 international research articles to his name. He was a former Director of NRC for grapes

  • Late Mr. A. Dabholkar

    In very simple language the idea of scientific viticulture; was assimilated into the minds of growers by Mr. Dabholkar. He not only shared his knowledge in viticulture on national level, but on international level also. It was his dream that very small grower be self dependent. He was felicitated by Marathi Vigyan Parishad in 1979 and in 1988 he was presented with Vasantrao Naik award and also with Bajaj award.

  • Krushibhushan Late Mr. Manohar / Vasantrao Mahadev Arve

    From the very beginning Mr. Arve was inclined towards farming especially viticulture. Pruning, training, girdling, proper use of growth hormones etc were amongst his main areas of research. Tas – A – Ganesh, followed by Tasgaon Chaman, were the two varieties developed by him which are very familiar not only in Maharashtra, Karnataka but all over India. Later Mr. Arve also developed a packing technology with the help of grape guard to improve the export of grapes. His major contribution in raisin production under the shade helped in export of raisins from India and in turn increased in foreign currency. He encouraged the set up of cold storages for preserving the grapes. He was member of APEDA, Bharat Krushak Samaj, Director of Executive Board, MRDBS Pune, and Chairman of grape grower federation. Felicitated by MPKV Rahuri, FIE foundation Ichalkaranji, Horticulture Society of India, APEDA etc. and also as Krushibhushan in 1985.

  • Honorable Mr. Ganpatrao / Annasaheb Mhetre

    In 1960, he cultivated Bhokri variety of grape and later took a record production of Thomson seedless. Under the guidance of late Mr. Vasantrao Arve, Prof. Dabholkar and Mr. Namdas Bapu, he conducted successful experiments related to training, distance in between two vines, thinning, girdling, GA etc. He started the organization named "Vaigyanik Drakshkul" and had a major role in familiarizing the variety, Tasgaon Chaman as well as in raisin production. He was felicitated with FIE foundation award and Krushi Bhushan award.

  • Mr. Vibhakar Dattatray Patil

    After graduating in Science, Mr. Patil studied recent technologies in viticulture and its application in Indian agro climatic conditions. He is the director of Executive Board of MRDBS and as well as the Central Research Committee. He also participated in International Horticulture Congress, held in California. He played a major role in developmental technology of raisin production. He is a member of research advisory committee as well as legal Advisory Committee at NRC Grapes. Mr. Patil is the director of National Grape Federation. He also had a lion's share in organization of International Symposium on grape held at Hyderabad and at Baramati.

  • Krishibhushan Shri. P.S. Thakur

    Mr. Thakur had contributed a lot in changing the face of drought prone Sangli district. He strived very hard to inspire the formers for grape cultivation. He along with great Horticulturist late Mr. Gopalkrishnan visited many vineyards, arranged demonstrations, exhibitions which attracted many farmers towards viticulture. He has done extensive research work on use of GA on Thompson Seedless variety. In 1987 he was felicitated with Krishibhushan award by State Government.

  • Krishibhushan Late Mr. Vijayrajaji Bramhecha

    From 1942, Mr. Bramhecha practiced farming under many adverse conditions. Scientific view and consistent hard work enabled him to attain newer heights in viticulture. Sub cane technology developed by Bramhecha farm is very useful to the growers even today. His work during 1994 and 1995 for export of grapes was highly appreciated. He was awarded with prestigious Krishibhushan award in 1993 and in 1994 he was felicitated with special award from late Mr. Vasantrao Naik Pratishthan. He had a major role to play in development and expansion of M.R.D.B.S.

  • Mr. Madhavrao Khanderao More

    In 1980, he established the Maharashtra Farmers Association. He encouraged many farmers towards viticulture. In 1985 he started India's first winery near Pimpalgaon Baswant. He imported many wine varieties from France in 1989 – 90 and also proved that a very good quality wine can be prepared from Indian grapes. With the help of Hon. Mr. Sharad Pawar Saheb he had set up many cold storages across Maharashtra. He has also contributed in set up of many wineries. Continuous efforts are made by Mr. More saheb to solve the problems faced by wineries even today.

  • Krishibhushan Late Mr. Sadubhau Vishnu Patil

    Mr. Sadubhau under the guidance of his father continuously studied the foreign magazines to learn newer ideas and technology related to farming. His guidance proved to be very useful for transport of grapes when the concept of cold storages was yet to come to existence. He visited America and California in 1983 and studied the pre – cooling units and cold storages. Since then a new era of pre-cooling units and cold storages began in Maharashtra. He proved that raisins can be prepared in India also by use of solar energy. He also participated in Vaigyanik Drakshakul. In 1969 and 1983 he was honored with Shetinishtha and Krishibhushan award respectively.

  • Dr. Jayram Maruti Khilari

    Dr. J. M. Khilari has done a profound study in micronutrients and hormones, and very well known as Grape Scientist all over India. Since 35 years he is continuously working in R&D of viticulture in Maharashtra. He has not only visited infinite vineyards, but also guided the growers. More than 200 articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in his name. He has generated awareness amongst the growers by holding National and International lectures, seminars, workshops, symposiums etc. He has also visited Australia, America, England, France, Germany etc to study the development in viticulture.

    He was President of MRDBS from 2006 to 2009 & has done a appreciable work during his tenure. From California three table grape varieties were imported and financial aid was received from NHM. He also succeeded in procuring a sum of ten lakh ruppes from NHM.

    As a Principal Investigator he has also worked on the project "Pink Berry Disorder" in collaboration with N.C.L., Pune and a substantial revenue was received by M.R.D.B.S from CSIR New Delhi. Felicitated by Drakshamitra, Shivneri Krishi Award, Vasantrao Arve Krishi Pratisthan, Sangram Gaurav Award etc.

  • Mr. Shriram Punjaji Dhokare

    Mr. Shriram Dhokare under very hostile conditions managed to study and his knowledge knew no boundaries. He visited many vineyards, observed them closely. He traditionally cultivated Bhokari and Anab-E-Shahi variety in half acre of land. In 1960 for the first time he used a fungicide named Blytox to control Downy and Powdery Mildew in grapes. He always made use of new technology in viticulture. Thompson Seedless was cultivated in Dindori for first time by him. Since five decades he is practicing viticulture.