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Mandates of The Institution

  • To bring about development in all aspects of grape cultivation and ultimately all round development of the grapes growers.
  • To provide technical advice to grape growers in import of fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and growth hormones, to arrange for their supply and raise Bank loan to supply other inputs required for grape orchards.
  • To undertake research on grapes for minimizing the production cost of grapes and try to improve the quality of grapes which includes introduction of indigenous and imported cultivars to propagate and distribute them at different locations, to collect data regarding cultivation to establish production technology.  To conduct trials and make recommendations about fertilizer use, pruning techniques, diseases and pests control.  To establish Laboratories at convenient places for this methodology and run similar projects.
  • To supply genuine rooted cutting of grapes from Government or private Nurseries.
  • To get the approval for sufficient and long – term finance for Grape development and area extension from Central and State Government.
  • To negotiate with Railways, State Transport Organizations, Air Cargo Services, and Road Transport services for transport of Grapes to distant places.  Full attention will be given to make such facilities available to grape growers.
  • To establish an ideal library to make the literature available to the members.
  • To conduct tours, organize exhibitions, study circles and such other programmes to get the practical information of grapes for the benefit of the grape growers.
  • To establish liaison with grape export association of the state of promote the export of the grapes.